Songkran Festival in Thailand

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Songkran is a time of celebration for New Year in Thailand, and an occasion for most of the population to have a three day party, usually around mid April.

However this is a different sort of party because it involves almost everyone in the country getting wet. For visitors coming to the country for the first time it may seem a slightly odd sight to see locals throwing water over each other, but that is what happens.

The festival origins come from this being the start of the rainy season, and Buddhist monks would sprinkle water over people as a token of good luck.

They still do, but It could be said that the ideal has been taken quite a few steps further on. It is important to bear in mind that having water thrown over you is all part of the fun, and the answer is to have water ready and waiting to return the compliment.

In the cities pick up trucks loaded with barrels of water prowl the Sois, whilst kerb side revelers have water ready and waiting in powerful water pistols or hosepipes. Battles ensue, with everyone getting totally drenched. In Bangkok the bars are full to the brim with regulars whose aim is to spend the day eating drinking and getting wet.

Some tips for Songkran:

If you have to take your mobile/cell phone, with you, make sure it is well wrapped up - a plastic bag, or even better, a condom is ideal. Money should also be put in a bag and kept as dry as possible.

Keep smiling and try not to let the icy cold water someone has just thrown over you get you annoyed. 

It can be a bit of a shock to the system, but this is Songkran, enjoy it!!

These pictures were taken while driving to Pattaya through Bang Saen. Bang Saen is a beach in Chonburi about 1 hour away from Bangkok.

Video of Songkran Festival in Chiang Mai

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