Ratchada Night Market on Saturday’s night

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Every night of Friday, Saturday and Sunday (but Saturday’s night is the most preferable), this empty land has been developed to be a market of old cars’ spare parts and classic motorcycles.

Highlight of Ratchada night market is a gathering place of classic cars and motorcycles buffs, who come to shop, chat, buy parts and accessories to decorate their own cars/motorcycles.

Some people bring their vehicles either in the factory or modified condition for sale in the market while some bring their classic cars just to show off at the market.

From a few amounts of vendors at the beginning, the vendors have gradually increased and the market is packed with shoppers and various kinds of goods. Mostly, the goods are second hand: old toys, tin toys, vintage and collectable goods, old books, record players, watches, clothes, shoes, furniture, windows, and light display of liquor/beer, etc.
Moreover, new goods such as clothes or gift shop products such as accessories, mobile phone hanging or home decor furniture, are also sold in the market.

So, this market looks like Klong Tom Market, where anyone can bring used things to sell, but the difference that makes Ratchada night market unique is most goods sold at the market are cars’ spare parts and classic motorcycles.

The operating hours starts at 6.30 pm. until 2 am. of every Friday-Sunday nights, which previously market opened only Saturday’s night.

But the market is normally crowded on Saturday’s night, and appropriate time is during 7.30 – 11.00 pm.

For people who drive to the market can park their car in a provided parking area before 6.30 pm., otherwise, the parking lot is full.

The most convenient transportation is by MRT to Ladphrao station exit no. 1.

There are buses passing Ratchadaphisek road; however, it is not quite recommended as some buses will not stop at the bus stop in front of the market.

Transportation: MRT to Ladphrao station exit no. 1 or Ratchadaphisek station exit no. 2
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