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Ayutthaya Ayutthaya
The ancient capital is just an hour to two hours away from Bangkok, so it's an easy place to get to from the newer capital city. Here there are some of the most important historic ruins in Thailand. Archaeology from a bygone era, when Ayutthaya was its own kingdom and the region was ruled from the this centre of power and commerce. The city goes back to the 1300's and the name comes from the Indian name of Ayodhya, the birth city of the Indian God, Rama...[+]
Pattaya Pattaya
For lots of visitors Bangkok is missed off the trip to Thailand which is a great shame. This is far more likely for anyone who heads straight out from the airport to one of the islands or simply goes on to Pattaya, Koh Samet or Koh Chang. With the new airport now on the eastern side of the city this is far more likely to happen than in the past when the international airport was to the north of Bangkok...[+]
Chiang Mai Chiang Mai
The charm of Chiang Mai lies in its magnificent ancient temples, the surrounding mountains and the people who are regarded as the most striking of the Thai race. Clichés such as “Rose of The North’ have been overused by those trying to describe the city, but it is a lovely place to visit, especially in the November to February period when the cool mountain air gives it a freshness not found in many Thai locations... [+]
Kanchanaburi Kanchanaburi
Kanchanaburi is the town nearest to the infamous Death Railway, and although a very picturesque part of Thailand it would be fair to say a great number of visitors, both tourists from overseas and Thai, visit for an historical insight, not so much for the scenery. The main attraction, if that’s the right word, is the bridge, made famous in the 1957 American film "Bridge Over The River Kwai"... [+]
Koh Chang Koh Chang
Koh Chang has some of the finest beaches in Thailand. Possibly because of its location, around 300 Kilometers from Bangkok, with fewer easy options to get there, the island has not, as yet, suffered from mass tourism. Integral to the development of Koh Chang is the recognition that this is in the center of a Marine National Park and as such should be protected from growth for the wrong reasons. The beaches and the crystal... [+]
Koh Lanta Koh Lanta
The reasons why people choose a holiday destination or a place to visit vary widely, no matter where those people come from. There are many who visit Thailand to experience the culture and enjoy the Asian lifestyle. Others find refuge in the bars and spend their time trawling the go go clubs of Bangkok and Pattaya, engaging with the local population - female and male. There is a good percentage of tourists... [+]
Phi Phi Koh Phi Phi
The longtail boats line up along the beaches of Phi Phi island ready to take any curious visitors out on a trip around the various islands. Adorned with garlands of flowers on the bow, these picturesque vessels are now a common sight in the glossy tourist magazines of the world. The fine white sand of the beach in the background to the picture offers just a glimpse of just how beautiful the beaches in this... [+]
Krabi Krabi
Krabi is a relaxing resort, certainly compared with Phuket or Pattaya. It is also a new, developing destination, with some of the most outstanding natural scenery in the region. The islands are great for day trips using the many long tail boats waiting for your custom at places like Ao Nang beach. The dramatic limestone outcrops make for some stunning photographs, and the beaches of Railay and Tubkaak are exceptional... [+]
Pai Pai
These two small Northern towns have attracted the more adventurous travelers for years. Mae Hong Son has developed more because it has small airport and now there are flights from Chiang Mai which remove the longer but more interesting road journey. Pai is also now connected by air to Chiang Mai, although some would argue flying to either town defeats the idea of travelling in such beautiful countryside. ... [+]


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