Unusual attractions in Bangkok, Thailand - Strange & Weird

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The Legend of Mae Nak Phra Khanong at Wat Mahabut

At that time, there was a couple, husband named Nai Mak (literally "Mr. Mak") and wife named Nang Nak... read

The Shrine of the Cobra Queen and the Kids

The Shrine of the Cobra Queen and the Kids located at Rama2 Rd (Soi 48) is another shrine that many people... read


Maeklong Railway Market

The Maeklong Railway market has recently come to the public eye due to exposure on YouTube, which shows vendors and... read

In Hot Water? No Problem for this Thai Chef

Boiling cooking oil is an important part of Thai cooking and something almost all… read


Transgender Nantida a Big Hit on Thailand’s Got Talent Show

What do you say to a beautiful woman…who turns out to be a man?... read

Wolf Girl Finds Being Different can be Okay

Being different can be a blessing or a curse, or both. Being different has not been easy for... read


Ladyboys in the Air

For many years Thailand’s famous ladyboys – men who dress, groom themselves and behave like ladies – have had... read

Of Water Fights, Songkran and Elephants

What do you say to an elephant, covered with paint, who is splashing you with water?... read

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