Ko Kret Island or Koh Kred in Bangkok

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Ko Kret is a man-make island in the Chao Phraya River, 20 kilometers north of Bangkok. It was created by accident, in 1722, when a canal was constructed in the area and subsequently widened.

It is somewhat large for a man-made island, but still small enough to be easily covered by foot.

It is square in shape with each side being about 2 kilometers in length.

Ko Kret is inhabited primarily by ancestors of the Mon, which were among the original inhabitants of Thailand. Many of them specialize in producing kwan aman, a traditional style of Mon pottery which essentially is baked, unglazed red clay with intricate designs.

Particularly popular are candle and incense holders. There are 20 workshops on the island as well as the Kwan Aman Pottery Museum.

Additional items one might see or enjoy on the island associated with the Mon are Mon classical dance, which is performed at various times with traditional instruments, and Mon cooking, which is not terribly different from Thai-style cooking.

Aside from the Mon, the only other attractions on the island – aside from the attraction of small town and village living – are a number of wats which were constructed in the 19th century, many with Royal backing.

Wat Poramiaykawat in the northeastern part of the island is the island’s main wat and contains Italian marble carvings as well as, it is said, the Buddha’s relics.

Many of these are maintained in an adjoining temple museum.  The scriptures here, and the daily prayers, are conducted in the Mon language.

One can only travel to Koh Kret by boat as there are no bridges linking it to the mainland.
Visits to Koh Kret are usually arranged by travel agents in Bangkok.

Visitors go by boat up the Chao Phraya River, stay for a day, and return by boat in the afternoon although it is possible to stay on the island overnight if desired.

There are a few tours from Bangkok directly to Koh Kret although most just stop there briefly on the longer trip to Ayutthaya.

Tour cruise costs usually are in the range of 300 baht. There are, however, several direct trips daily (except Sunday) to Ko Kret from the Saphan Taskin BTS location for twenty baht. It is also possible to charter river taxis for around 500 baht.

Once at Ko Kret Island, local boaters will take travelers around the island for fares of no more than 50 or 60 baht.

Travel on the island by foot, motorbike or bicycle is easy.

Returning from Ko Kret can be more difficult than going, which simply means that it might be necessary to cross over to the mainland and then get a bus to Bangkok.
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