Siam Niramit Bangkok Thailand

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This is a multi purpose venue covering a major stage show, events and industry promotions and Thai cultural events. 

Located near the Thailand Cultural Centre stop on the underground MRT, the location is only a short distance from the town centre.

The main attraction is a show which centres around Thai culture, and is performed on one of the largest stages to be found. 

The stage arch is named in the Guinness Book of World Records as being the tallest in the world at nearly 12 metres.
Some 150 performers take part in the show called A Journey into The Enchanted Kingdom of Thailand.

Within the complex there are three restaurants, and the option of a buffet dinner as part of the evening

Entrance to the show is 1,500 Baht for a standard seat (2000 Baht for the Golden Seat), and the buffet is 400 Baht. 

As an example of Thai showmanship and the ability to stage the spectacular, the extravaganza at Siam Neramit is amongst the front runners. 

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