Bangkok Train Station - Hua Lampong Station

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This is the main line railway station in Bangkok and is also the terminal station for the MRT from Bang Sue.

Travellers heading north to Chiang Mai or to the southern towns of Hat Yai and Surathani would come here for the main line train.

The station itself is quite historic and was opened in 1916.

It has a similar external grandeur to that of the old colonial buildings of the Europeans in the early 20th Century although its nothing like that inside now. 

There are strong Italian influences due to the design coming from Mario Tamagno, an architect from Turin.

Rail travel is slow in Thailand, and compared with other methods of getting a round, not always the best option. However, anyone any one interested in rail architecture or wants to take a leisurely journey, then Hua Lampong is the place to head for.
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