Bangkok Expats Guide to Living and Staying in Thailand

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Bangkok Visa Run

This is something of a nuisance to people living in Thailand for any length of time, and... read

Thai Driving License - Drive in Thailand

Getting a license to drive in Thailand doesn't involve taking a driving test, as long as you have a... read


Working in Bangkok

One thing to be said about Bangkok is that it embraces all sorts -peoples and cultures from... read

Getting Married in Bangkok

Is it difficult for foreigners to get married in Thailand? I want to marry my Thai girlfriend... read


Sports in Bangkok - Golf, Football, Cricket, Tennis, Rugby & More

For expatriates living in Bangkok there is a big range of things to do - some may be out of... read

Business in Thailand - Invest or Not?

Investing in any business, anywhere in the world is a risk and in the current economic climate... read


Learn Thai Language - Is Thai That Difficult?

The Thai language is unique, so any language skills learnt in the European or American... read

The Perfect place to Live - Seeking That Apartment

Anyone coming to live and work in Bangkok will be faced with the task of finding a good place to live... read


Cars, Bars and Girls in Bangkok

I would suggest those of a politically correct nature look away now. One of my all time favourite... read

In Love with a Thai Bar Girl

If there's one thing Thailand has become famous for, it's the holiday romance. Married, single... read


Thai Women and (Farang) Foreign Men – What's that all about?

Sex and money make the world go round. Add power and the combination of the... read

The Girl From The North Country

See for me if her hairs hanging long, Tumbling down upon her breast, See for me if her... read


A Birthday Present to Remember

It was a birthday bash to remember. We hit Bangkok from all over the place. That’s me, and a stack of... read

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