Bangkok Expats Guide to Living and Staying in Thailand

Bangkok Visa Run
This is something of a nuisance to people living in Thailand for any length of time, and a rule which doesn't really make a lot of sense, other than maybe it stops the visitor who stays in Thailand for ever, contributes nothing to the country other than beer money and who has some social interaction with the local population. [+]
Thai Driving License - Drive in Thailand
Getting a license to drive in Thailand doesn't involve taking a driving test, as long as you have a valid driving license from your home country. The validity of that license should be confirmed by your own Embassy. [+]
Working in Bangkok
One thing to be said about Bangkok is that it embraces all sorts -peoples and cultures from all over the globe come here to live and work in one of the most vibrant, dynamic cities of Asia. Why men and women come here to work varies from a dissatisfaction of their own situation in their homeland to a perception that fortunes can be made in the Thai capital. [+]
Getting Married in Bangkok
Is it difficult for foreigners to get married in Thailand? I want to marry my Thai girlfriend. No, it isn't difficult but it is different from getting married in most Western countries. How is it so different? Well, for one thing, you can't be legally married in a church or temple...much less on top of a mountain or in a swimming pool. You can have... [+]
Sports in Bangkok - Golf, Football, Cricket, Tennis, Rugby & More
For expatriates living in Bangkok there is a big range of things to do - some may be out of town, in Pattaya or maybe Phuket and Chiang Mai, but for anyone who enjoys sport and games, then the city is full of opportunities. [+]
Business in Thailand - Invest or Not?
Investing in any business, anywhere in the world is a risk and in the current economic climate, this fact is more than valid. The old adage about only ever investing as much as you can afford to lose has never been truer, and investing in Thailand is certainly no exception. [+]
Learn Thai Language - Is Thai That Difficult?
The Thai language is unique, so any language skills learnt in the European or American classroom will be of little use in Thailand There are people who are very good at picking up languages and some are just plain useless, lazy or lack the will to learn. [+]
The Perfect place to Live - Seeking That Apartment
Anyone coming to live and work in Bangkok will be faced with the task of finding a good place to live, straight from the outset. Unless of course, it's all been set up beforehand by an employer. Which happens less these days. [+]
Cars, Bars and Girls in Bangkok
I would suggest those of a politically correct nature look away now. One of my all time favourite quotes was when the great footballer George Best was asked what he did with all his money he replied: "I've spent most of it on fast cars, booze and women - the rest I squandered" [+]
In Love with a Thai Bar Girl
If there's one thing Thailand has become famous for, it's the holiday romance. Married, single, divorced - it doesn't matter for the Thai girl, who will be on the lookout for the Farang who will make her life less of a hardship. [+]
Thai Women and (Farang) Foreign Men – What's that all about?
Sex and money make the world go round. Add power and the combination of the three makes up the ideal recipe for success, be it in business or pleasure. Is that a cynical view? Maybe. but when a sanctimonious English female reporter asks the question: Why do Thai girls want to marry foreign men? I think that's a pretty daft question. The reasons are obvious, but let's look at the route to the pot of gold. [+]
The Girl From The North Country
See for me if her hairs hanging long, Tumbling down upon her breast, See for me if her hairs hanging long, Cos that's the way I remember her best (Bob Dylan - Girl From the North Country) This is a story of love found and love lost. Set in the night bars of Bangkok, home to some of the loveliest temptresses in the world. [+]
A Birthday Present to Remember
It was a birthday bash to remember. We hit Bangkok from all over the place. That’s me, and a stack of mates who were on travels or working in Asia. They came over from Hong Kong, up from Singapore and from KL. [+]
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