Horse Racing, the Royal Bangkok Sports Club and Legalized Gambling in Thailand

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Horse racing as an organized activity began toward the end of the 19th century in Thailand – around the year 1900 – when students who had studied overseas organized a horse racing event from a trip abroad.

Not long after this, was the birth of the Royal Bangkok Sports Club. Today, horse racing continues at the Sports Club, and at a few other locations such as the nearby Royal Turf Club.

Today, the Royal Bangkok Sports Club, located at Henri Dunant Road, north of Rama IV Road, is a full fledged and very exclusive club complete with swimming pool, golf course, club house, tennis courts, polo facilities and so forth.

Generally, non-members may use club facilities or take part in club activities only at the invitation of a member. Non-members are, however, permitted to attend the horse races, which are held every other Sunday, alternating with the Royal Turf Club.

Admission fee is reasonable, only 50 to 100 baht, at both venues, AND those who attend are permitted to place LEGAL bets on the outcome of the races.

If one's horse comes in first or second, then one may collect a winning. 

Betting on the ponies is the only legal form of gambling permitted in Thailand with the possible exception of the State Lottery. 

It is also one of the few ways the curious can gain access to the Royal Bangkok Sports Club.
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