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Getting Around Bangkok Guide
There are many types of attractions to Bangkok, and certainly something to please everybody.
There are historic sites, religious sites featuring magnificent temples, fabulous shopping destinations offering all kinds of produce, and restaurants offering just about every type of food one could imagine. [+]
Thai Culture and Customs
As with living in any ‘foreign’ country, one can either adopt the ethos and way of life of the locals, or associate mainly with other foreigners (known collectively as ‘farangs’ here).
But whichever group you fit in with, your life will be made easier if you know what is, and what is not accepted by Thai society generally. [+]
Must Do Things in Bangkok
Take a river trip along the Chao Phraya River. This is a great way to get away from the road traffic and pollution. The express boats stop close to the pier at Saphan Taksin Skytrain station.
They are classed as Standard Express Boat which has no flag and stops at all the piers on the way to Nonthaburi, whilst the more limited stop express boat has a orange flag [+]
Guide to Golf Courses in Bangkok
Whether visiting Bangkok for business meetings or as a tourist, a game of golf is available on some of the finest courses in Asia, catering for everyone, whether beginner or professional and whatever their degree of skill And many a business deal has been agreed while enjoying a stimulating game of golf in Bangkok with one’s business associates. [+]
Bangkok Accommodations
Bangkok is a huge city and offers a very wide range of accommodations, from very cheap guest houses to hugely expensive, 5-star hotels.
The best known area for hostels, guest houses and budget hotels in Bangkok is on and around Khao San road, north of the Royal Palace complex. [+]
Restaurants in Bangkok | Eating Out Guide
Bangkok has everything you could imagine to offer in the way of food (and some you probably could not imagine) --- you can sample everything from the famous street food (hawker food) from roadside stalls, or dine in supreme elegance and style at five star hotel restaurants specialising in everything from Korean to Lebanese cuisine. [+]
Cost of living in Bangkok
Bangkok is definitely one of the most affordable capital cities in the world to spend time, either short or long. Accommodation is priced very reasonably and is often relatively cheap compared to similar facilities in Europe or America.
If you are travelling on a budget or simply don’t want to spend too much on accommodation, you can get a bed in a hostel orguest house for only 300 or 400 baht. [+]
Money Exchange in Bangkok
Is changing money in Bangkok easy or difficult? Generally, changing money – at least changing an internationally recognized currency such as the Euro, US Dollar or Yen – is very easy. [+]
Weather in Bangkok
Bangkok is lively throughout the year. The best time to visit Bangkok is really depending on personal preference.
Please not that the above seasons in for Bangkok only. Weather in different parts of Thailand vary greatly [+]
Thai Phrases for Tourist
Many phrase books and dictionaries give over-complicated ways of formally dealing with the matter of getting around in Bangkok.
The following are simplified phrases, used by most people, which work perfectly well and make it easier for you to remember. [+]
Learn Thai in Thailand
Learning a foreign language is a boon, especially for travelers, as knowledge of a foreign language allows the user to interact with the local people and explore the culture of a particular country. Authentic Asian experience is incomplete with exploring the socio-culture of fascinating Thailand, where Thai is the dominant language. [+]
Muay Thai - Kick Boxing in Bangkok
Muay Thai is Thai Kick Boxing and is followed fervently all over the country, as a spectator sport to be seen live at a stadium or enjoyed with friends watching on one of the local television networks. Regardless of the hype of international games and rich football leagues, Thailand typically, has its own unique sport. Derived from similar martial art forms in India and China, kick boxing has been taken up by some foreign participants who have even... [+]
Useful Phone Numbers in Bangkok
It pays to keep these numbers handy beside your telephone, as you just never know when you may need them.
Emergency Service Telephone Numbers... [+]
Mobile Phones in Thailand
Is mobile phone use very common in Thailand? Yes, it is. It sometimes seems that everyone in Thailand owns and uses at least one mobile phone. If I come to Thailand, can I bring my mobile phone with me and use it in Thailand? It is possible but it must be remembered that all Thai service providers operate with the GSM900/1800 network. [+]
lastic Surgery in Bangkok
Medical Tourism in Bangkok and Thailand: Since the early 2000’s, Thailand has become one of the worlds leading centers of medical tourism. In Asia, it is now the leading medical tourism destination. [+]
International Schools in Bangkok
Bangkok is a city or area with many “international” schools, or at least it a city or area where many schools define themselves as being international schools. It is certainly too extreme to say that “international” education in Bangkok is some kind of racket or scam, but... [+]
Bangkok Airport Rail Link
The Bangkok Airport Rail Link opened in 2010 and is a welcome addition to the city mass transit system. It operates 18 hours a day and extends 28 kilometers, connecting the Suvaranabhumi Airport to central Bangkok. [+]
Embassies & Consulates in Bangkok
Here's a list of Foreign Embassies & Consulates in Bangkok. [+]
History of Bangkok
Bangkok, more formally known as "krungthep mahanakhon amonratanakosin mahintara ayuthaya mahadilok popnopparat ratchathani burirom udomratchaniwet mahasathan amonpiman avatansathit sakkathattiya witsanukamprasit"*, is located on the southern extreme of the Chao Phraya River, a short distance from the Gulf of Thailand. [+]
Map of Bangkok
Here's a map of Bangkok that highlights important places, made specifically for tourists.
This Bangkok map shows shopping area, sky train route, subway, temple, park and Bangkok's main attractions. [+]


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