Sampeng Wholesale Market in Bangkok

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If you're feeling a bit adventurous and are looking for a bit of inspiration, take a stroll down Sampeng Lane.

Sampeng is located near Chinatown, Sampeng is one of Thailand's oldest wholesale districts.

If you want to make your own outfit, you'll be able to find everything your heart desires, no matter if its buttons, thread, lace, etc.

There is a wide-range of texttiles to be found.

Here you can go bulk and they will accommodate to you. Mix and match your orders as you please.

Don't be fazed by Sampeng's location, although situated near Chinatown many of the stores here are also owned by Indians and Thais.

You'll be sure to find something to take home. Besides everything clothing you will also find gift shops selling gift ideas at wholesale prices, stationary products, and other kinds of nick-knacks.

This little busy lane will definitely awaken your senses.

To get to Sampeng Market: Take the MRT and get off at Hua Lumpong station. From there take a taxi.
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