Bangkok Little India or "Pahurat"

Pahurat - Little India, so named because in the early days of Bangkok, around the turn of the 20th Century, Pahurat became a centre for the indian community.

Bordered by a similar enclave of the Chinese population, Pahurat made its name as a centre for the textile business of Bangkok.

Since then India and Thailand have enjoyed a tremendous relationship in the commercial world, but back at grass roots level, Pahurat is where it all started.

The area is still very strong in the textile trade, with major wholesale deals taking place every day.

For the retail shopper this is an area of Bangkok where silk and cashmere can be found at much lower cost.

The community has developed as an area totally emersed in Indian culture with Sikh and Hindu temples along the main road.

Apart from the textile business, there are all the usual Bangkok items such as CD’s, Indian jewelry, and footwear for sale in the market stalls.

Pahurat is not so easy to get to as some of the other markets, but taking the MRT to the main station at Hua Lamphong is close enough to take a taxi or tuk tuk for the remaining part of the trip.

Bangkok Little India is famous for Indian food, cloths, fabric and of course all other Indian stuff like movies and sarees.

Photos of Pahurat - Little India Bangkok


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