Bobae Wholesale Market in Bangkok

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Wanting some gifts for friends back home or clothes handcrafted in Thailand? Make your way to Bobae Wholesale Market. For 30 years Bobae Market has served as Bangkok’s biggest wholesale fashion market. If fashion inspiration at super cheap prices is what you seek, pay a visit to Bobae.

Bobae Tower

Bobae Tower is the perfect spot to go if you want a break from shopping in the hot sun but still want to shop! The indoor market features more than 700 separate booths that sell baby clothes, maternity wear, traditional Muslim attire, menswear and all the latest women’s fashions.

What It Offers

Bobae offers plenty of variety, but the main thing you will find is clothes. From fancy dress shirts and t-shirts to denim and traditional Thai apparel, the market features a huge selection of almost any style.
BONUS: Bobae offers shipping options for shoppers who want to mail items overseas to friends, family or companies. If you are looking to save luggage space on your return flight home,       this might be an option you want to check out.

How to Get There

From National Stadium BTS, catch a tuk tuk or taxi, or you can walk the 2.3 kilometers to the market.
You can also catch a khlong boat. The most convenient place to hop on might be at the exchange line near CentralWorld. You will want to take the Golden Mount Line to Bobe Pier. The market is located directly in front of the pier.


Opens between 3 and 4 a.m., Monday-Sunday. Closes at 4 p.m.
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