Klong Thom Market Bangkok

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To say that Klongthom is the cheapest, biggest, and most attractive source of selling second hand things is definitely true.

On Saturday evening after 5 p.m. is the start up of "Flashlight market" (Tarad Fai Chai) which will be opened until Sunday.

For people who don’t like to use flashlight or don’t like the crowd at night can go shopping on Sunday morning at Sunday Klongthom Market.

Sunday Klongthom Market located from Luang Rd, Worajak Road, Charuenkrung Rd, Suapa Road.

In those Soi, many sellers will bring a lot of goods to sell, since it's a holiday, companies in this area are closed, so they can set their stalls.

There are a variety of goods such as mechanic tools, spare parts for car, office accessories, electronics products, leathers, VDO, VCD, DVD, clothes (not focus on woman clothes like the market in front of the store or office market), new or second hand shoes, toys, collections, stamps, old bank notes, watches, kitchen utensils, sales goods, etc. many things both new and old with a reasonable price and can negotiate.

Old Disk record, tape, CD can found here, as well as remote for TV, stereo, air conditioner.

This place can also pleased the people who like to invent and find new idea, because something can be found here unexpectedly, souvenirs from Thai Airways was sold in cheaper price, new toys from department store that already closed or out of date was also sold at very cheap price, or trendy things are also not too expensive.

Klongthom Center

Located next to Vorajak rd, it is 3 – storey building, downstairs divided into blocks, upstairs is car parking ( 30THB/hour)

Most of goods are new with cheaper price than other places such as car accessories, car furnishing, mechanic tools, game players, toys, models, leathers, VCD/DVD, electronic equipments, switches, chargers, batteries, rechargeable dry cells, water equipments, mobile phones.

It will take many hours for walking around, but it's not hot because there are many air conditioners.

There are less people inside.

The coffee shop and food center is on 2nd floor and KFC is in front of the store.

Sriworajak Building

Next to Luang Rd., is a plaza for selling goods, 3-storey building. On the second floor is food center.

Most of the goods inside are the car furnishing, may be influenced from the main road that have many automobile accessories.

The interesting shop is PRO-SHOP which import quality goods from Japan, Italy, the shop is also arranged well.

There are the other shops such as movie shops, VCD/DVD, power electronic shop, switches, motor, sticker shop etc.

If you want to relax from walking, there is a small coffee shop at enter place, you may order a glass of iced cappuccino, that would make you more fresh and active to walk.

There is also a 24-hour car park, the rate is 20THB/hour which is the cheapest in this area, for more details, please visitwww.sriworajak.com

The most appropriate time to shop is around 8.30-11.30 a.m.

The morning time is not so hot, the weather is good as well as the classic atmosphere which is the charisma of Klongthom and suit to walk, the car still also not so much.

At noon, the weather is hot and more people come, so it's not convenient for shopping.

You can come during 2-4 p.m. when the weather would be better, after 5 p.m. the shop will be prepare to close.
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