Bangkok Jewelry and Gems Shopping

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Thailand is a great place to find articulately-crafted jewelry made from the finest gems and diamonds, colored stones and precious metals imported from all over the world. The metals and gems are polished, cut and set here in Thailand, where jewelers are world-renowned for their fine-detailed work which is made even more brilliant through innovative technology. The combination makes Bangkok Southeast Asia's leading trade center for remarkable jewelry.
There are hundreds of jewelry stores in Bangkok, but the most popular areas are located in the heart of the city in one large shopping district. Whichever part of the district you decide to explore, feel free to shop around, compare prices and bargain with retailers!

Silom, Mahesak, Surawong and Charoen Krung Roads

SILOM ROAD: On Silom Road, you can find diamonds and diamond products at the more than 395 shops in the district. Silom is hailed as the epicenter for diamond jewelry, ornaments and stones.
The Jewelry Trade Center can be found at Silom. The jewelers in this area are reputed for neat cuts and special techniques that enhance the stones’ brightness and clarity.
Covering this enormous complex alone could take you an entire day, so if you are in the market for fine jewelry, take your time. It is at Silom where local and international businessmen and women rendezvous for diamond purchases, so why not join them?
MAHESAK: Well known amongst foreign wholesalers, Mahesak offers a wide variety of precious stones and ready-made jewelry. Mahesak Road connects Silom Road to Surawong Road, so you can browse through the “Gemstone Center,” for which Mahesak is best known, on your way to either of the other shopping districts.
Jade, gemstones and color stone products are popular items found at the Jade and Colored Stone Center. You will find a variety of imaginative and breathtaking designs along this shopping corridor.
Across from the Jade and Colored Stone Center are three shopping lanes, known as the Gemstone Center, that contain shops that sell smaller, unset gemstones by the kilogram.
SURAWONG: Featuring more than 245 shops, Surawong is best known for its quality silver products, but you can find a variety of other metals and jewels as well.
CHAROEN KRUNG: Charoen Krung means "prosperous city," and that’s no exaggeration when it comes to this shopping district. Charoen Krung is an excellent location to find both wholesale and retail jewelry, particularly silver pieces tailored to the upper class and export market. The designs at Charoen Krung are no match for others.

How to Get There

Each of the shopping districts intersect at some point. The two best ways to arrive are by BTS or Chao Phraya Express Boat.
BTS: Exit at Surasak BTS Station. From there, follow Surasak Road to Silom Road. The shopping district will begin along this road, and you will locate Mahesak as you start exploring. Walk through Mahesak to find Surawong Road. If you take a left on Surawong, you will run into Charoen Krung.
CHAO PHRAYA EXPRESS BOAT: Take the ferry to Sathorn Pier (Central Pier/Saphan Taksin). You can walk up Charoen Krung Road from the pier (about 2 minutes) or catch a tuk tuk, which should only cost about 50-75 baht.
This is a huge area and will definitely consist of a day of walking. Wear comfortable shoes, and drink plenty of water. You may even want to scoot around the districts in a tuk tuk once you start getting a feel for the area.

Yaowarat Road - Gold Shopping

If you're looking for gold jewelry, Yaowarat is a must. Serving as the main road in the Chinatown district, Yaowarat has the greatest concentration of gold shops. Here you can find everything, including necklaces, rings, pendants and brooches.
Goldsmiths in Yaowarat are hailed as amazing craftsmen, known for spinning gold threads into intricate designs. The detail in their artwork will become apparent as you browse wares in the dozens of unique shops.

How to Get There

Take the MRT to Hua Lampong Station and catch a tuk tuk from there.
Alternatively, you can take the Chao Phraya Express Boat to Ratchawong Pier (No. 5), which will drop you within a short walk to the center of Chinatown.


These districts are typically “open” 24 hours a day, but individual shops set their own hours. The best times to visit are typically late afternoon to early evening when the temperature starts getting cooler. The districts are located in areas best known for nightlife, so the streets start filling up when the sun goes down.

Why shop for Thai Gems & Jewelry?

During the past 20 years, Thailand has evolved into a regional center for jewelry trade by combining renowned production and designing processes with cutting-edge technology and internationally-recognized testing facilities.
This market preeminence is reflected twice a year in the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair, an industry showcase ranked fifth in the world. The fair was established to meet the demands of international buyers and traders and to help Thailand achieve its goal of becoming Asia's most prominent gems and jewelry hub.
Currently, Thailand’s jewelry trade accounts for 30 percent of the nation’s exports.
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