Suan Lum Night Bazaar and Hotel

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Once an open-air flea market, the Suan Lum Night Bazaar now combines first-rate shopping with a twist of glitz.

The 125,000 square meter bazaar features nightly magic shows, cabaret acts, a boxing gym, fitness center and a water park.

Nestled within the property is the 4-star Bazaar Hotel, where you will find more than 1,800 shops full of local Thai products, including art, clothing, souvenirs and food.

How to Get There

The most convenient way to reach the night bazaar is by MRT. You will stop at Lat Phrao Station, and from there the market is only about a 300-meter walk via Lat Phrao Road.

If you opt to take a taxi, most drivers will know the location as “Suan Lum Ratchadaphisek.” If that’s too much of a tongue twister, specify that you want to go to the “Lat Phrao and Ratchadaphisek” intersection. While that really isn’t any easier to say, the corner is a well-known landmark in Bangkok, and unless your driver is brand new and from out of town, he shouldn’t have any problems getting you there.


4 p.m.-midnight Monday-Sunday

History of the Night Bazaar

The Suan Lum Night Bazaar was located until 2011 near Lumphini Park in central Bangkok. In a prime tourist location, one of the park’s claims to fame was the Joe Louis Puppet Theatre. Sakorn Yang-keawsot, nicknamed “Joe Louis” after the famous American boxer, founded the theatre with his children in 1985. Sakorn was a master puppeteer and was named Thai National Artist for Performing Arts in 1996.

He performed adaptations of epic Thai literature pieces, the most noted being Ramakien, with puppets made of light wood, fabric and papier-mâché. The performances also featured an orchestra that played Thai classical music to accompany the shows.

Sakorn died in 2007, and his children took over the troupe until the original night bazaar closed. The theatre moved for a short time to Asiatique The Riverfront along the Chao Phraya River but seems to have shut down sometime in 2015.
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