Thai Coyote Dance Club. Coyote Dancers

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If you are into looking at attractive scantily clad Thai women and girls gyrating and undulating in skimpy clothing to a pounding pulsing beat, then Thailand’s coyote clubs and bars are the best places for you to see the best action! 

And when in Bangkok, the party capital of Thailand, you will be spoiled for choice as there are many nightclubsand coyote bars to choose from. And it really does not matter in which part of Bangkok you stay, since there are dozens of nightclubs dotted throughout the capital city. 

Each with its own unique blend of entertainment. 

One of the most popular nightclubs is the Hollywood Bangkok Club. 

This is not a cheap massage parlor type joint, and is populated by Thais, as well as increasing numbers of tourists. 

This is not a newly established club, it has been around for more than ten years. 

Considering the amount of competition, the Hollywood Bangkok Club is doing something right --- as any night of the week, they are packed with locals and foreigners enjoying the music, a relaxing drink and watching stimulating adult entertainment, provided by some of Thailand’s most attractive young women. 

Located in Soi 11 Rachada, Hollywood is a big place, probably accommodating up to 1200 patrons. 

If you do decide to visit, buy a bottle of whiskey when you enter, and in that way, at the time of writing, you will not have to pay an entrance fee. 
Here is a useful insiders tip; when being seated, usually by a waiter or waitress, you should aim for a table on the main floor, which offers by far the best view of the stage, and of the coyote dancers when they appear later in the evening. 

Offer a tip of about a hundred baht to the waiter if he tries to seat you elsewhere; this strategy is sure to work and give you the best view of the best action. 

There was some discussion recently as to whether new laws needed to be enacted to stop young women from working as coyote dancers. 

It was pointed out that they lost sleep, and the lure of making such good money, whilst good for the girls and their families, is bad for Thailand, creating the wrong impression of young Thai womanhood to foreigners. 

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