Nana Plaza Bangkok and Sukhumvit Soi 3 & 4

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Nana Plaza is another of Bangkok’s entertainment areas with special licenses to operate bars clubs and go govenues. 

The easiest way to get there is to take the Skytrain to Nana and come out at Exit 2, on the side next to the Landmark Hotel. 

Carry on past the Landmark, turn left into Soi 4 Nana and then it is a short walk to the Plaza which is on the left. 

Look for a small square, with the entrance guarded by a large drinking venue on one side called Big Dogs. 

In amongst the stalls selling kebabs, barbecued chicken, grasshoppers and various insects ( a snack which the girls love), it is possible to walk straight past Nana Plaza. 

Big Dogs always appears full to the brim regardless of the time of day, and is a large open drinking bar with sports TV screens. 

Inside the Plaza, there are three levels with an escalator on the right side, and stairways to the left and at the back of the Plaza. 

In the middle there are plenty of open bars with lots of girls waiting for customers to buy drinks. 

So if it’s just a beer and a chat, it’s probably best to simply stay at ground level, where there are also dancing clubs such as Red Lips, Voodoo and Rainbow 1 and 2. 

All these clubs and bars now have seating and tables outside, usually with a TV pinned to a wall, so visitors can watch (mostly) football matches from the European leagues. 

Inside it’s a different story, and In all, around the central area there are some 9 clubs to choose from. 

One of the few clubs to have their dancing girls wearing less than normal is Pretty Lady on the left side from the entrance, which has reincarnated itself from Bottoms Up.  If these go go bars and dancing clubs don’t appeal then there are more the second level. Here there is Fantasia, Angel Witch, and Rainbow 3 and 4. 

The Rainbow group are doing quite well in Nana. On the very top level we find some of the biggest clubs, and the Ladyboy go go club, Cascade. 

For newcomers, the girls out side will tell you it’s a Ladyboy bar before going in, which could be useful information later in the evening. 

Drink prices in Nana are around 120 baht for a bottled beer and 150 Baht for a lady drink. 

The bar fines are a standard 500 – 600 Baht so the venue is much the same as the other places in Bangkok. 

Nana does get quite crowded at weekends but empties at exactly 1am. That is, it did last week. 

Much can change at the entertainment venues of Bangkok depending on local arrangements.

Nana is famous for go go bars and nightlife. 

Ladyboys of Nana Plaza, Video

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