Where to Meet Girls in Bangkok

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Bangkok is a city teeming with attractive, unattached ladies anxious to make male friends. Many were born here; many have come here from the countryside. If one has the time and is alert to opportunity, one can meet them in the course of daily living.

Of course, one can also meet them in entertainment venues. One can meet them almost anywhere and everywhere. The most serious problem men generally have in meeting ladies is the language barrier. Sometimes, it is insurmountable, but many ladies, particularly the younger ones, have some familiarity with English.

Where there is mutual interest, love and/or romance can often find a way. Below are some specific suggestions about where to meet ladies. 

Where you live:

While not everyone will be able to meet girls in their apartment buildings, condos, hotels, or immediate neighborhoods, many can. Lots of single Thai ladies live in lower end of the range apartment buildings (below 8,000 baht a month).

Some live alone and many share a room with one or two other girls. These girls frequently have reasonably good jobs, at least by Thai standards, and are often anxious to meet men. If your accommodation has a swimming pool, that’s a great place to hang out, but one can meet these ladies in elevators, in stairwells, at the main entrance, and in the convenience store which most apartments have.

Also, there are usually food stalls near larger accommodations, and these are excellent places to “bump into” people. Of course, one does need a fair amount of time to be able to use this technique effectively, but things can “just happen!” If you live in a moderate or higher end place, or a nice hotel, then you can approach the young ladies who visit with the intention of meeting men, or the young ladies who work in these places in maintenance, hospitality, massage and spa, and food service. Some of them are anxious to make foreign friends, too. 

Family Mart and 7-11:

These large convenience store chains employ thousands of young ladies, the majority being sharp, intelligent, hard working and competent. Most are fairly attractive. Many are university graduates and they usually have some familiarity with English. Many want to meet foreign men.

It’s usually not difficult to determine if a young lady has an interest in you. The problem with getting to know these ladies is that they are often busy and their schedules frequently change. To strike up a rapport, it is usually necessary to become a fairly regular customer of a particular store, but since most men go to convenience stores regularly, this should not be too much of a problem. 

Shopping Malls:

There are many large shopping malls in Bangkok, and the major superstores Big C and Tesco are always surrounded by many smaller boutique type stores.

A skillful man on the prowl can always just happen to “bump into” someone in these places and then strike up a conversation, or he can approach sales clerks – who are frequently bored and have nothing to do – at the small, boutique stores. Of course, this can be time consuming and it might involve buying some merchandise one might not really want, but if you actually enjoy going to malls, then this can be a very useful strategy. 

Colleges and Universities:

Scattered around Bangkok are many large colleges and universities. Most of them tend to have predominantly female student bodies. Many students, for a variety of reasons, are open to and want to meet foreign men.

One can meet these girls simply by walking around the campus and striking up conversations. Or, one can go to a nearby coffee house or food court and meet them there. There are usually many of these facilities around large campuses, and they are usually quite popular with students. For those who have time, one can attend cultural events and free university lectures.

One must exercise caution, however, in meeting and dating these ladies as they are young, and Thai law views them in a totally different way than ladies who work in entertainment venues. For those who simply want “a good time,” the risks are considerable. 

Banks and Hotels:

banks and hotels are good places to meet ladies, especially if one sees the lady over a period of time. These ladies tend to be university educated and do usually speak some English. If they are available, they might be interested in meeting a “nice” foreign man. These ladies usually have not been married and do not have children.

One must remember, however, that these ladies are usually very concerned about propriety and reputation; and are usually interested in marriage and, eventually, having children. They are not interested in casual relationships. The hard part about meeting these ladies is coming up with excuses to keep going into the same bank or hotel!! 


There is a sizeable Christian community in Bangkok, and a fair number of young Thai ladies go to Christian churches. Some are Christian and others simply want to practice their English or meet “nice” foreign men.

If one thinks they would like to meet “serious” ladies – ladies primarily interested in marriage - then this is a good way to do it. Of course, if you aren’t interested in religion, or think Christianity is simply a bunch of balderdash, then perhaps one should think twice about this alternative. 

Traditional Thai Massage Providers:

Thai massage facilities are scattered all over Bangkok and are particularly numerous in areas well frequented by tourists, such as Sukhumvit Road, Silom Road and Pratunam. These places employ large numbers of female masseurs, many of whom are attractive.

These women tend to be in their late twenties or older, to have children, and to have little formal education. Most, however, have considerable work experience and many can speak basic English.

These ladies are usually quite open to marriage, and maybe to having a boyfriend. Some are open to short time relationships. A positive aspect of meeting girls in this setting is that, though massage, one can get a better idea if there is a mutual attraction, and one might be able to have private or semiprivate conversation.

One should bear in mind that many traditional Thai massage places surreptitiously provide services of a sexual nature while many do not. Many women in these settings are willing and anxious to provide these services while many are not. Unfortunately, it is difficult to know beforehand which are and which aren’t. 

Internet chatting:

a good number of Thai ladies are online these days in various chatrooms to meet foreign men. Most of these ladies are older, which means in their late twenties and up, and have fairly good English language skills. There are generally two types of ladies that do this. One type is specifically interested in getting married.

They frequently have been married, have children and are working, usually in offices. They are not looking for a “good time” and want “serious” chat only. The second type is what one might call a “holiday” girl.

They are interested in meeting men that are planning a long term holiday in Thailand – a holiday of at least two or three weeks duration – and being a companion with the man during this period. These women are not interested in “one night stands” or relationships of a short duration.

They are quite interested in money. Not many “ladies of the night” use the Internet to meet men, perhaps because their ability to use written English is poor. The Internet, thus, serves to filter out this type of woman, although they can be met easily enough… just not online.

To fully take advantage of internet chatting, it is usually necessary to register with a chat website such as www.thailovelinks.com. These sites are usually free. Sites providing formal introductions and screenings charge fees. 

Beer Bars and A Go-Gos:

these are listed at the end of this discussion because they are the most obvious way to meet girls, not because they are a bad way to do it.

Indeed, if one is simply looking for “a good time,” then they are probably the best way to find it. Finding bars shouldn’t be a problem. There are vast areas of Bangkok with all kinds of bars that cater primarily to foreigners, the most prominent being Sukhumvit Road from Soi 33 to the Nana complex at Soi 2, Khaosan Road, and the Silom Road-Patpong Road areas. There are also other bar areas primarily visited by Thais, such as Thonglor, Pratunam, Siam Square and Royal City Avenue.

You can go to a bar, meet a girl, talk with her and determine if she is willing to go to your accommodation, make a financial offer, get an acceptance, pay the bar owner a “bar fine,” and then…go! Of course, this can be expensive and happiness can’t be guaranteed.

It is, however, usually a safe way to do it as the girls are usually registered with the bars and can be easily located if a customer has a complaint.

It should be noted, too, that many of the ladies that work in these bars are students and part-time workers who also have day jobs. They don’t think of themselves as “bargirls” and are often interested in meeting “nice” men and developing longer term relationships. 

Pick Up Bars:

Most bars in Thailand are “regular” bars or A Go-Go’s in that the ladies work directly for the bar. Thus, if a customer wants to talk to a lady or take her home he must pay the bar as well as the lady.

In a pick-up bar, the lady is working exclusively for herself. If she takes a customer home, she gets all the money and it is not necessary for the customer to pay a bar fine or buy her drinks while in the bar. The ladies also tend to charge less money for their personal services.

Thus, these bars are cheaper for customers AND the bars tend to attract a larger proportion of “part-time” ladies who work ‘real” jobs most of the time. This makes them very attractive to customers but a customer will have fewer safeguards as the ladies are not registered with or necessarily known to the bar.

The two most prominent bars of this type catering to foreigners are the Soi Seven Beer Bar on Sukhumvit Road, and The Thermae Coffee House near Soi 15 on Sukhumvit Road. 

Girls off of the Street:

Meeting girls off the street, also known as “street walkers,” is not recommended but not nearly as dangerous as in most other places. Actually, some of them are nice and attractive, although they are more likely to be involved in sale of illegal drugs than girls met in clubs.
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