Patpong Market Bangkok, Bars & Nightlife Guide

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As with the other entertainment areas of Bangkok, Patpong has developed its own style and clientele. 

It also has a similar way of re inventing itself. 

This was the first of the night entertainment areas to have the go go bars, ladyboy clubs and the general ritzy night spots. That was a long time ago, in fact some 45 years ago at the start of the Vietnam War. 

Yet despite downturns in all sorts of ways, and the unsolicited comments from communities who look down on the Bangkok night scene, Patpong and the others carry on regardless. 

The reason is of course that there plenty of people around, male and female, from regular tourists to local Thais who enjoy the fun of the nightlife of Bangkok, and Patpong is one of the places to have fun. 

Patpong is two small streets (Soi) running between Silom Rd and Suriwong Rd named Patpong 1 and Patpong 2. 

The Salam Dang skytrain station is very close, so anyone looking for Patpong need only come out of Exit 2 and there it is. The MRT station, Silom is also close by, with an exit straight onto Silom Rd and Patpong 1. 

The street is full of bars and clubs, and in this district of Bangkok there are a higher number of ladyboys and gay bars. 

There are places which cater specifically for anyone wanting to meet a Ladyboy, as there are also bars which specialize in other interests such as The Barbar. 

In that sense Patpong is different. 

On Patpong 2 there is the Pink Club which has Muay Thai – Thai Kick Boxing – apart from the bar and music. 

Customers who may have ideas about taking up the sport can pitch their skills against a real Thai boxer on certain nights. 

There are female Muay Thai boxers here as well. 

This again makes Patpong different from the entertainment areas of Cowboy and Nana. 

In all there are somewhere in the region of 100 clubs and bars, and its not only go go and shows. In the midst of all the bared flesh, there is the Muzzik Cafe on Patpong I where some very good musicians and bands play.
The more ‘sophisticated’ clubs, such as The Strip which has a special python snake dance show every Thursday, offer bachelor parties arranged to order. 

Blue Electric, which has clubs in both Patpong and Pattaya, boasts as one of the best go go clubs in Bangkok with girls who can really dance as opposed to shuffle around the dance pole. 

There is a happy hour at Blue Electric from 7pm to 9pm with beer at 55 baht, which then afterwards goes up to 105 Baht – still not massively expensive and very comparable with other places. 

Another non go go club is Lucifers Disko in Papong 1, a music venue for Tekno, House, Trance and Progressive Music. 

There’s a good line up of resident DJ’s but it wouldn’t be Patpong unless there was some smattering of sexy women. 

The hostesses are dressed up in red pvc and wear horns, make of this what you will!! Lucifers is open up to 3am and gets very packed with foreign and Thai visitors. 

Drinks are around the 100 Baht mark for beer and at weekends there is a cover charge of 130 Baht For this genre of music there is also Funky Dojo in Patpong 2 and Twilo continues the good reputation for good music. 

Food is here in all sorts and forms, Stall food is everywhere, on Suriwong Rd there are British style pubs and on Patpong 2 there is the very good seafood restaurant of Sala Sawan. 

Exploration is often the best way of finding favorites and Patpong is a great place to explore. 

In amongst the club and bar activity the Patpong Night Market thrives in Patpong 1, with the sale of anything and everything. Like all the markets of Thailand it is possible to buy any name brand as long as no one thinks it’s real. 

Watches, DVD’s CD’s, clothes and all manner of items are for sale. 

This night market has actually become more popular over the years, so the chances are it will continue to grow. 

The way in which the night market has set up shop amongst a whole variety of clubs which offer to cater for every taste proves that in this country there is a tolerance unfound in many countries. Welcome to Thailand!! 

Pictures of Silom, Patpong and Sathorn areas.

Silom and Sathorn areas are Bangkok business area during the day. 

But at night Patpong is one of Bangkok most notorious areas with many agogo bars. 

Patpong is located in Silom.

Video of Patpong Night Market

Video of Patpong at Night

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