The Nightclubs of Bangkok

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Bangkok is one of the most exciting cities in the world and, as such, it has an extremely exciting and vibrant night life.

Part of an exciting and vibrant night life is nightclubs, and Bangkok has plenty. There is, however, some confusion about what exactly constitutes a “nightclub.” Many entertainment venues which are designated as “nightclubs” are simply restaurants or small bars.

The below list is an attempt to bring to your attention some entertainment venues which generally conform to most people’s expectations of what a nightclub actually is. Most of the clubs listed below either have live music or DJ selected music, and have complex sound and lighting systems. They generally are large, have dancing and serve good food. They generally do not have half naked dancing girls.

They tend to be places for couples or small, mixed company groups to enjoy themselves. Those seeking to enjoy a good nightclub are advised to go to a section of Bangkok where there are many nightclubs, such as Soi Ekamai and Thonglo, Silom Road-Patpong, and Khaosan Road.

There are good nightclubs outside these areas, such as the lower Sukhumvit entertainment area, but within the areas listed above, it is certain that good nightclubs can be easily found. Below is a listing of recommended nightclubs.

Additional information is included when helpful. It should be noted that most nightclubs in Bangkok have cover charges, which usually include the price of one or two drinks. They tend to close around 1:00 AM or 2:00AM, but stay open latter when the law allows.

Sukhumvit Road: the area of Sukhumvit Road popular with most tourists and expatriates, from roughly Soi 23 to Nana Plaza, does NOT have many nightclubs, although it is convenient to other areas of Bangkok that do. It is served by both Skytrain and underground connections so it is easy to access. Below are some nightclubs in this area. 

Barsu, Sheraton Grand Hotel: 250 Sukhumvit Road, between Sois 12-14. This club is described as quite elegant and somewhat expensive. Patrons generally dress as would be expected in an elegant and expensive club. 

Glow: 96/4-5, Suhkumvit Soi 23 (Soi Cowboy area): Glow is described as small or “diminutive” and funky. It has an interior which includes beds and sofas. It tends to feature Reggae music and does NOT play hip-hop music. Customers should dress appropriate to the music. Pricing is described as moderate. 

Narz Club: Sukhumvit, Soi 23 (Soi Cowboy area): originally called the “Narcissus Club,” this club was established in 1992 and is very popular with foreign tourists and expatriates. There are four floors with a variety of music, eight bars and three “special” rooms. This establishment is described as “high end,” but pricing is moderate. There is no cover charge. 

Q Bar:: 34 Sukhumvit Soi 11: This club a two floor venue, is generally considered to be one of the best in Bangkok. It attracts top rated bands and DJs, and has an international and “high society” clientele. It is a little small so it is often cramped. Pricing is moderate. It is said to have the best booze selection in Bangkok and focuses mainly on hip-hop music. 

Sundowner’s Jazz Club: 199 Suhkumvit Soi 22, The Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel: this club is described as a quiet place with live jazz. Its location is convenient for most foreign visitors to Bangkok. 

Scratch Dog Nightclub: 8-10 Sukumvit Road Soi 20 in the basement of the Windsor Hotel: This is a place for talented new DJ’s to try out their skills. They play a variety of music. 

Siam and Ploenchit: The Siam Square area of Bangkok is actually within walking distance of the Nana entertainment complex and is served by the Skytrain transportation network. Like the Suhkumvit area described above it does NOT have many nightclubs, but it does have at least one good one! 

Concept MC2: Novetel Bangkok on Siam Square: this is the only nightclub actually located in Siam Square. It attracts international bands and Dj’s, and also has a house band. It focuses on R&B, electo and hip-hop music. It also has a large game room. It is popular with foreign tourists and young Thai women. Pricing is moderate. 

Party House One: Siam at Siam Design Hotel, Ground Floor, Rama I Road: this club, which is located in a futuristic style building, also has a modernist interior and features a full range of dance music. The menu is said to be outstanding. 

Spasso: 494 Rajdamri Road, Grand Hyatt Erawan: this is an underground bar and club, and is described as a venue for “high society expats.” It features Italian cuisine. Reservations are needed, especially on the weekends. 

Coco Beach Rathetewi Road near BTS station: This club is located in an outside area called the “Coco Walk,” which features Korean barbecue. The area seems to be the real “party” while the club is more a place to rest! 

Soi Ekamai – Soi 63: technically, this area is part of Sukhumvit Road and is distinguishable to many foreigners because it is the location of the Eastern Bus Station. It is a few kilometers east of the area of Sukhumvit Road most familiar to foreigners but is easily accessible by the Skytrain. There are many nightclubs on this one stretch kilometer of road although most are frequented by young Thais. Some of these clubs are listed below. 

Coloc Club (Santika): 253/11 Sukhumvit 63 (Ekamai): This smaller club is – or was – technically part of the larger Santika Club. It has a Victorian interior and features hip-hop music. 

Happy Monday: Ekamai Soi 10: this club is described as “small and cosy” and is popular both with Thai and foreign customers. It’s not possible to get seating on weekends. Music is played by a DJ. 

Jet Metropolitan Live Phenomena: Sukhumvit 63, Ekamai: popular with young Thais, it features live music nightly and lots of whiskey. 

Curve Nightclub: 59/9 Ekamai Road Soi 1: this club is popular with young Thais and features local Thai bands playing Thai and hip-hop music. 

Escobar: 217/1-3 Sukhumvit Soi 63 (Ekamai): this bar is busy on weekends and focuses on hip-hop music.

Khaosan Road: This area of Bangkok is very popular with foreign tourists, usually younger “backpackers,” and expatriates. There are several nightclubs in this area. Unfortunately, Khaosan Road is not served by either the Skytrain or the Underground. 

Café Democ: next to Democracy Monument, Rajdamnoen Road: it features graffiti sprayed walls, and a variety of dance music. 

Club Culture: Rajdamnoen Klang behind Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall: this large club has four floors, and a different style of music is played on each. There is a 500 baht admission, which includes some drinks. 

The Club: 123 Khao San Road: this club is described as loud, funky and the “big shot” of the Khaosan Road area. It has a very large dance floor and is housed in an old theatre. A great deal of attention has been given to creating a psychedelic experience. 

Immortal: 249 Khao San Road, 1st floor of Bayon Building: an old player in the club scene, Immortal is described as hip-hop at heart and cranks up the music to the highest level possible. 

Gazebo: 44 Chakrapong Road, upstairs: this is a rooftop bar featuring Reggae music and a three hundred baht cover charge after midnight.
Lava Club: 240 Khao San Road, basement of Bayon Building: this basement bar is said to resemble a dungeon and features hip-hop music. Admission is free. It is popular with backpackers. 

Thonglo- RCA (Royal City Avenue): the best nightclubs in Bangkok are said to be located in the Thonglo-RCA area. Many of these clubs are accessible through the Skytrain stop at Thonglo and others thru underground connections. These clubs are popular mainly with Thais, but everyone is welcome. 

Bed Supper Club: Sukhumvit 55, Soi 10 Thonglor. This club is described as the “most high society club in Bangkok,” and patrons generally dress appropriately. It has an all white interior and the main room is lined with beds. It is somewhat expensive and is considered by many to be the number one nightclub in Bangkok. 

Baroque: Rama IX Road: this club, which features a baroque style interior, tends to attract a more international clientele than the other clubs in the RCA area, and the clientele also tends to be older than average. The music tends toward hip-hop and Baroque is also listed as a disco. The house band is considered one of the best in Bangkok. 

Slim and Flix Clubs: RCA Block 3, Rama IX Road. This establishment is easily recognized by its steel and glass exterior. It has two dance floors, one playing hip-hop and rock, the other playing Thai popular music and sometimes having live music. Pricing is described as moderate. Customers generally dress stylishly. 

808 Club: between Rama IX and Petchburi Roads: This two floor club is said to have the largest sound system in Bangkok and is staffed by international DJs. It is famous for its enormous mirrored exterior and neon lights. 

Inch Club: 55/49-60 Ratchadapisek Road: this large steel and glass club is popular with upper income, younger Thais. There are two zones, separated by glass partitions. One features DJ played hip hop music, the other live music. 

Jazz It Bangkok: RCA Block C Rama IX Road: This is a small club but has a house band and often features vocalists. International and Thai DJs play rock and popular music, and popular classic music. Italian food is served. 

Overtone Music Club: RCA Block D, Rama IX Road: this venue schedules all types of music and invites up and coming local groups to perform…probably for free. 

Route 66: RCA Block C, Rama IX Road: Generally considered one of Bangkok’s best clubs, it is huge and is divided into four sections, each having a different style of music. Pricing is described as moderate. This club is most popular with Thai students but does have a nightclub format…patrons sit at tables and usually buy their drinks by the bottle. 

Funky Villa: Thonglo Soi 10: this place is noted for its expensive menu and for the “beautiful” Thais, male and female, who come there. It’s apparently a place to show off!! 

Demo: Thonglo Soi 10: Demo is located behind the Funky Villa and is noted for its strange appearance, neon lights, loud and deafening music – mainly hip-hop and R&B – and hot dance floor. Customers sit at tables. 

Xperience: Sukhumvit Soi 55 Thonglo Soi 8: a new club, it features live a variety of live music and then themes the entire club to that music. A variety of Thai and international food is served. 

Witches Tavern: Thonglo Soi 55: this English style pub is popular with foreigners. It features live music nightly. 

Silom Road/Patpong: This is an area popular with tourists and is served by Skytrain and underground connections. Some venues listed as nightclubs in this area are as follows: 9 Night Club: Silom Soi 4; Breaks: Soi 2/1 Silom Road, up some stairs; Funky Dojos: 105 Patpong, Soi 2; Lucifers Disko: 76/1-3 Patpong Soi 1; Luminous: 78/80 Silom Soi 4; Park Bridge: Patpong, Soi 2, 3rd floor; Radio City, 76/1-3 Patpong Soi 1 Silom Road; Tapas: 114/17 Silom Soi 4 Saladaeng. 

Other: two other clubs in Bangkok worth checking out are the Saxophone Club at 3/8 Victory Monument, Phayathai; and Brown Sugar at 469 Phrasumen Road near Lumpini Park. Both feature jazz.
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