In Hot Water? No Problem for this Thai Chef

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Boiling cooking oil is an important part of Thai cooking and something almost all chefs and cooks must take precautions when using… but not Mr. Kan Trichan of Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

Mr Trichan, who specializes in preparing fried chicken treats, has discovered he has the ability to dip his hands into boiling oil without suffering any burns or blisters whatsoever.
Old Photos from 2004

Now fifty years old, he has been doing this ever since he learned he had this rather strange but useful ability. 

Mr. Trichan learned of his ability rather by accident…in fact, because of an accident. One day, seven year ago, while he was cooking, a marauding squirrel knocked a mango into his cooking wok. 

The results could have been catastrophic, at least for Mr. Trichan, but he emerged unhurt as the boiling oil splattered everywhere, including all over him.
He was extremely surprised at his good fortune as he expected to be covered with burns and blisters. 

At this time, he realized he had a gift of sorts, and he has been developing it ever since that fateful event. 

Mr. Trichan’s special ability has earned him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

He was able to pull 20 pieces of chicken out of 480 degree oil in less than one minute thus earning this recognition. It has also earned him increasing popularity…even fame. 

Nowadays, people travel to his food stall, which is located near Chiang Mai Technical College, about 470 miles north of Bangkok, not only to eat his delicious chicken treats, but to watch him demonstrate his special ability. As time passes, his business is getting better, and better and better. 

Mr. Trichan’s experience proves that one man’s disaster is another man’s opportunity. 

One must wonder what the future has in store now for Mr. Trichan. 

In any event, diners are presently able to enjoy both good food and a good show at Mr. Trichan’s food stall.
Old Photos from 2004
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