Ladyboys in the Air

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For many years Thailand’s famous ladyboys – men who dress, groom themselves and behave like ladies – have had their ladylike feet placed firmly on the ground as they worked in various service occupations, pranced in beauty reviews, walked to meet new friends and sometimes ran from the police.

Now, a new Thailand airline, PC Air, is trying to put ladyboys in the air. It is seeking them out to work as flight attendants. 

While ladyboys are happy to have this new employment opportunity, it isn’t so easy to get the few jobs available. 

All attendants must be a Thai citizen and have a four year university degree; they must also be conversant in Thai and English…and have good swimming skills. 

Company representatives say that the process for hiring ladyboys is actually more rigorous than the process for “normal” men and women as interview sessions last an entire day. 
Applicants are screened carefully to make sure that they have all the desired characteristics of the modern and feminine woman!! 

So far the airline has received more than 100 applications…and will probably receive many more when the word spreads throughout the ladyboy community. 

Four ladyboys have been hired…to work along with 19 female and 7 males who have also been hired. 

Hopefully, as time passes, more ladyboys will find themselves in the air serving drinks and meals, making sure passengers are comfortable and answering the many questions which air travelers seem to always have. 

Video of Ladyboys in the Air

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