Transgender Nantida a Big Hit on Thailand’s Got Talent Show

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What do you say to a beautiful woman…who turns out to be a man? Well, this situation happens rather frequently in Thailand and it happened recently on the popular talent contest television show, “Thailand’s Got Talent.” 

Lovely, 27 year old Nantida Khumpiramon entranced both judges and audience as she sang a sentimental Thai love ballad. She truly had the voice of an angel, or so it seemed. 

Then, half way through the performance, her voice…changed. This second voice was definitely…male. While many in the audience stared and listened aghast, others sang along with “Nantida” as she finished belting out her love song. 
Contest judges actor Nirit Sirijanya, actor Pornchita Na Songkhla, and television producer Pinyo Rutham strangely found themselves at a loss for words. 

Sirijanya seemed rather unhappy with being “deceived.” but Songkhla acclaimed him as a natural beauty and appreciated the humor of the situation. 

All three judges were impressed enough by Nantida’s talent, musical and otherwise, to send her on to the next stage of the competition, the boot camp. 

If there is a moral here, it seems to be that you can’t keep a good man down…even if the man can sing like and appears to be a woman!! Anyway, it might very well be that young Nantida – at this time her real name appears not to be known – is headed for an exciting career in the world of entertainment, song…and acting. 

Video of Nantida on Thailand’s Got Talent Show

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