The Legend of Mae Nak Phra Khanong at Wat Mahabut, Bangkok, Thailand

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At that time, there was a couple, husband named Nai Mak (literally "Mr. Mak") and wife named Nang Nak (literally "Miss Nak"), lived together at Phra Khanong area. One day, Mak was called off to war in central Bangkok and unwillingly left Nak, in the meantime was pregnant, alone.

When the delivery was due, a midwife came to help Nak to give birth to a baby, but the baby was in breech position that caused her and the baby she was carrying to died during child birth.


Then, the body of Nak was buried at Wat Mahabut's graveyard. Eventually, Mak returned home without knowing that his wife was dead, and found no neighbor around as they were afraid of Nak's ghost due to the belief that lady who died during childbirth (Phi Tai Thong Klom) created a powerful spirit.

Nak's ghost tried to keep Mak to herself without contacting anyone and know the truth that she was a ghost. 

As Mak loved and believed Nak, he did not believe when villagers tried to warn him that he lived with a ghost.

Until one day, while Nak was preparing "nam phrik", she dropped a pestle down to the cellar.

In her haste, she extended her arm to pick the pestle from the upper floor through the floor's hole, not knowing that Mak saw that whole event.

When knowing the truth, Mak planned to flee by breaking a little hole in an earthen jar which was filled with water and caulked the hole with a clod.

At night, he lied to Nak by saying that he wanted to urinate, then he pulled out the clod so that Nak would think that he was urinating, and ran away. After discovering her husband had left, Nak pursued him.

Mak saw his wife's ghost, so he concealed himself behind Naad grove (Blumea balsamifera), according to Thai folklore, ghosts were afraid of Naad leaves.

Later, Mak ran to the temple of Wat Mahabut.

The grief and despair made Nak's ghost rancorous, to frighten the people of Phra Khanong for helping Mak to leave her.

Another reason to make Nak’s ghost very powerful was her body was buried between two Takian trees (Dipterocarpacear).

Eventually, Nak's ghost was bound by a powerful exorcist. After confining her within an earthen jar, he threw it into the canal.

Until an old couple who were new residents to Phra Khanong, found the pot containing Nak's ghost while fishing. Nak was then unwitting freed. However, Nak's spirit was suppressed again by Somdet Phra Phutthachan (To Phrommarangsi).

The monk confined her within the bone of her corpse's forehead, and bound that piece of her skull within his waistband.

Later, this waistband has passed through the hands of various persons.

Mae Nak's legend was another impressive love story of a woman who had true love for a man, even death could not take her away.

Mae Nak Phra Khanong Shrine at Wat Mahabut

A shrine dedicated to Mae Nak is at Wat Mahabut in Bangkok Metropolitan.

There are many people going to visit the shrine to look for lucky numbers (lottery numbers) or ask for a baby.

Mostly, they are young people and some children go with their parents.

It is told that the day before lottery announcement, the shrine's area is lightened with candle lights as many lotto players will light candle to rub the tree's bark looking for lucky numbers.
To get there: It is easy to go to worship Mae Nak's shrine at Wat Mahabut. It is on Sukhumvit soi 77, also known as On Nut Road.

About 1 km. down of the road, there is a small lane signpost as Soi 7. Enter the soi 7 about 100 metre, the sign of "Wat Mahabut (Mae Nak Phra Khanong)" is clearly shown. 
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