The Shrine of the Cobra Queen and the Kids - Bangkok, Thailand

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The Shrine of the Cobra Queen and the Kids located at Rama2 Rd (Soi 48) is another shrine that many people come to praise – and hopefully bring good luck. 

Over 30 years, the legend of the Shrine of the Cobra Queen was talked about. 

Starting with the building of the Rama 2 road, and after building to 5-6th pole, a strange incident occurred.

One worker dreamt that the Cobra Queen came to ask for 7 more days because she's pregnant and would like to bear the baby first and then move to other place. 

The worker panicked and then got up and told of the incident to his leader. But the leader believed that it's just a dream and let that worker continue doing his job.

During the work he drove a bulldozer, but he drove backwards and caused the family of the Cobra to die.

The worker was very frightened and drove back home, during which time his car went backwards, it ran over his family and caused them all die. 

He was very frightened and turned to be a mad guy and disappeared.

Afterwards there were always accidents in that area. One day, a villager invited a Brahman to talk with the spirit of the Cobra Queen. 

They asked why the Cobra had to be mad and killed people, the Cobra Queen answer that she was mad that her family was dead because she already told people but no one listened to her, so she wanted to take more life than she had lost.

Then the Brahman asked that how to solve and compensate for the fault. The Cobra Queen requested to build the shrine in that area where she died and she would never kill people again and would also help people to conduct merit. 

As a result, the villagers helped to build the wooden shrine.

After that the people saw that there was a wooden shrine, so they came to worship it. Some people came to bless and succeed, so they spread the news and then more people came to worship the Shrine. 

One day there were many people who came to worship,. 

It was very crowded, and when people already went back, a joss stick was thrown and strong wind caused the shrine to blaze away.

It was amazing that the fire caused the forest to burn out, but it didn't burn the shrine, as if like magic. 

Many people believed that because of the holiness of the shrine.
Later there was an expansion of the road to 2 lanes, so the shrine of the Cobra Queen had to be moved. At that time, the Cobra Queen appeared in a landlord's sister's dream and said that now the road was being constructed and she was in trouble. 

She saw that there was a land here and ask for building of the shrine.

The next day, landlord's sister told this matter to her family. 

The landlord also believed and helped to build the shrine. 

The shrine was built in 1996, and during the construction there was some miracles with many people coming to worship the Shrine of the Cobra Queen. 

Most of the people were blessed and were successful.

The shrine didn't give any advice but many people believed and came to the shrine. There was no medium here. 

When people came to the shrine, they would bring eggs, ducks, pigs, rice offerings and movies by themselves, even though the shrine didn't request for any of these things.

Many people come to vow and hope for success. With money donation, the owner would keep to help with the restoration of the shrine. 

These days, there are many snakes live here and we always bring food for them.

Video of The Shrine of The Cobra Queen and Kids

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