Bangkok Accommodations

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Bangkok is a huge city and offers a very wide range of accommodations, from very cheap guest houses to hugely expensive, 5-star hotels. 

The best known area for hostels, guest houses and budget hotels in Bangkok is on and around Khao San road, north of the Royal Palace complex.

Khao San became popular among hippies and backpackers, and now you can find all kinds of budget travellers here. 

You will not only be able to find cheap accommodation, but also a wide range of budget restaurants, etc. Bear in mind though that the area can be quite noisy until very late, so if you have difficulty falling asleep, you might want to avoid this area.

See pictures of different areas in Bangkok

Patpong area
Khao San Road
Sukhumvit Road

You can find accommodation in Khao San for only 300 or 400 baht per night.

Depending on the facilities provided by the guest house, you would have a bed in a shared room or a private room, with en-suite bathroom in some cases but most of the time with shared bathroom.

Cooling would most of the times be by standing fan or ceiling fan, although the better accommodations do have air conditioning – which, in some cases, can be used by paying extra.

Another area in Bangkok with budget accommodation is Patpong.

This area is above all known for its red light district and you may find that it is a bit too sleazy for your linking, especially I you are travelling as a couple.

Because of the sex-industry in Patpong, many accommodations here offer rooms not only by the night, but also by the hour.

The reason for this is probably quite clear, and you can imagine that it can be somewhat noisy in these hotels as well, although for other reasons than those in Khao San.

More up-market hotels can be found literally anywhere throughout Bangkok. Luxury hotels, those of four and five stars, are mainly concentrated along the banks of the Chao Praya River and along Sukhumvit Road.

The riverside hotels often offer stunning views of the activity on the Chao Praya, which is a main traffic artery for Bangkok.

The Sukhumvit area hotels have the main advantage of being in the middle of Bangkok’s main shopping district.

Along Sukhumvit Road you will find many kinds of shops, from little street stalls to huge, luxury department stores with the best-known fashion stores and nice cinemas.
5-star hotels in Bangkok
The cost of three, four and five star hotels varies greatly, and depends on the location of the hotel as well as the time of year.

December and January are usually the most expensive months in Thailand, as the weather is best and most tourists come to the country during this period.

But as a general rule, you can often get a room in a four-star hotel for 1500 to 2000 baht, which is a fantastic deal compared to what a similar hotel would cost in Europe or America. 

All hotels in Bangkok are easily reachable, either by taxi or with the Skytrain. To use your hotel in Bangkok as a base for sightseeing, it really depends on the the time of day which mode of transportation is best.

During rush hours you might want to use the Skytrain, as this is often the fastest and most convenient way to get around the city. 

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