Cost of Living in Bangkok, Thailand

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Bangkok is definitely one of the most affordable capital cities in the world. Whether you've planned for a short-term or a long-term stay, accommodation is priced reasonably and often seems relatively cheap compared to similar places in Europe or America.


It's not uncommon to find a decent place to stay for only 300 to 400 baht ($10-$12) a night. These places usually include a hot shower, clean sheets and air conditioning. By shopping around, you can often find a place that includes breakfast with your room rental. 

If you prefer the luxury and comfort of a four- or five-star hotel, you will probably enjoy the prices in Bangkok as well. At around 4,000-6,000 baht per night, your stay in Bangkok will be a comfortable and affordable trip.


Getting around Bangkok also is affordable and pretty easy, especially if you use public transportation. Although the BTS, MRT and Chao Phraya Express can get quite busy at times, dealing with the crowds is worth it if you are on a tight budget. Buses are ultra cheap but can take longer due to traffic and high concentrations of people.
The cost to ride on any public transportation starts at free, on designated red city buses, and tops out at 52 baht for select destinations on the skytrain and subway systems.

If crowded trains, buses and boats aren't your thing, you can always opt for tuk-tuks and taxis, which require less hassle but more money. Depending on your destination, taking a taxi during rush hour is not always wise. Short trips during heavy traffic times can often take one or two hours. Plan your trips during times when people are not going to or coming from work or traveling in and out of the city during holidays. Expect tuk tuk prices to start around 50 to 75 baht. Taxis should always turn on their meters, which start at an initial fee of 35 baht. 


Another expense you’ll want to factor into your traveling budget is food. Bangkok has plenty of it, and the prices range from less than 30 baht for some street foods and well over 1,000 baht for five-star international cuisine.
Putting an exact cost on food is tough because every place is different, but a good food budget could range between 200 and 700 baht per day per person, depending on your tastes and indulgences.
If you want to keep your food budget low and still enjoy a true taste of Thai, visit one of the food courts in any shopping mall. The food courts feature authentic Thai foods at cheaper rates than you will find at most sit-down restaurants. Plus, you get the experience of practicing your Thai!
The most expensive options for dining are restaurants based in luxury hotels. Even at these restaurants, however, you may be pleasantly surprised when your bill arrives. In Bangkok, you have the best cuisine at your fingertips for a fraction of the price that you might pay for the same service in Europe or America.


Bangkok is a great place to shop on a tight budget. It’s also an excellent place to find high-end merchandise at affordable costs.
Check out local markets for budget-friendly fashions and accessories. Browse through luxury shopping malls and shopping centers for more expensive name-brand clothing, handbags and shoes.
The cost of living in Bangkok really depends on your lifestyle, but whatever your budget, you can definitely make it work in the heart of the city.

Sample prices

Loaf of bread - 32 baht
Bottle of Coke - 18 baht
Marlboro cigarettes - 125 baht
Bottle of beer in nightclub - 120 to 300 baht
Fried rice - 35 to 40 baht from street vendor. 80 to 120 baht from Thai restaurant
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