Learn Thai in Thailand

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Learning a foreign language is a boon, especially for travelers, as knowledge of a foreign language allows the user to interact with the local people and explore the culture of a particular country. 

Authentic Asian experience is incomplete with exploring the socio-culture of fascinating Thailand, where Thai is the dominant language. 

Thai is a tonal and analytic language, which shares quite a lot of its lexis with other ancient languages such as Sanskrit, Pali and Khmer.

Learn Thai in Thailand with language expert ESL–Languages.com, which is acknowledged for offering excellent conditions for learning Thai language.

Those who choose to learn Thai in Thailand always enjoy a cutting-edge over their peers in other countries as learners in this beautiful South-East Asian country can practice the language outside their classroom- on streets, in cafes and restaurants- with the local community.

We, at ESL–Languages.com, have strong associations with its partner language schools around the globe. 

Our partner Patong Language School in Phuket is one of the few reputed language schools in the country. 

This Thai language school is situated merely two minutes away from the legendary Patong beach. It features nineteen well-equipped, spacey classrooms, free WiFi network, a courtyard and a students’ lounge, where learners can relax and meet other students after their classes.

Patong Language School boasts of its professional team of Thai language teachers, who are highly qualified, trained and have years of experience in teaching Thai to foreigners. 

The school designs its own innovative methods of teaching so that learners can easily grasp the fundamentals of Thai language.
The school offers two Thai language courses: Standard course and Intensive Course. Standard Course consists of 8 lessons of 50 minutes each, while Intensive Course offers 20 lessons of 50 minutes each.

Beginner to advanced-level students with a minimum age of 18 years can join these courses.

Class-size is always kept in the range of 6-10 students so that each and every student can receive sufficient attention.

For accommodation, a near-by well-equipped hotel is available. Each bedroom in the hotel is equipped with a washroom, balcony, satellite TV, free Wi-Fi network, fridge, air-conditioner and safe. A free bus service is also available for taking students to the course center daily.

Learning without leisure is partial. Thus, the Thai language school takes students on excursions to famous tourist-spots on the island. 

During pleasure trips, students can enjoy skiing, diving, kite-surfing and sailing. They also get an opportunity to explore extremely varied marine life.

Booking a Thai language course with Esl –Languages.com provides you with free of charge access to Language Travel consultants and promises the desired course at discounted rates.
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