A True Story of Unexpected Massage at a Barber Shop

This contributor has been around Thailand for a long time, but to this day I regard this experience as something I will always remember, partly because it was so unexpected.

I was way too early for a gruelling 12 hour flight, so had loads of time on my hands.

This was the old (Don Muang) Bangkok Airport which I knew very well.

On the second floor level there were shops, cafes and hairdressers.

I thought it would be a good idea to have a haircut before the flight and I had time.

So I called in and was soon sat in the barbers chair having a trim.

The lady was nice enough and after a short chat, she asked if I would like a massage after the hair.

That sounds good for relaxing before the flight, so I said Yes please..

She showed me to the shower room and the massage started.

She was one of those masseurs who could 'accidently' brush alongside the nether regions and pretend it never happened.

She was very skilled and before too long I was showing the obvious signs.

Pointing down she asked, 'I take care?'. Well, in for a penny, in for a pound as we Brits say, and I replied 'Absolutely'!

So away she went and the inevitable Happy Ending came about to the sound of the airport flight departure announcements.

I walked out into the airport concourse with a silly smile thinking about what had just happened whilst thousands of passengers, not too far away downstairs were stressing themselves out trying to get checked in.

Relaxed, and ready for the flight I thought : 'Forget Business Class, that was the best preparation ever'.

It's doubtful if this could ever happen at the new sterile airport, but you never know -This is Thailand!!


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