Spas in Bangkok

Spa has sprawled all over the Kingdom of Thailand together with Buddhism.

Indeed, it had been corroborated that monks were the foremost individuals who used this revitalizing techniques in the monasteries.

Since then, spas particularly the most common spa treatment which we call massage had been popular to every single part of the country.

And at present, Thai massage has been globally known as one of the rejuvenating massages offered from diminutive to luxuriant massage parlors.

In Bangkok, spas are classified into Day Spas, Destination Spas, Medical Spas, and Hotel Spas.

A Day Spa is normally a water-based, beauty and fitness treatment which can be started and completed in one session.

A Destination Spa provides its guests with lifestyle improvement and health enhancement with the purpose of guiding its guests to develop healthy habits.

A medical spa on the other hand, provides a combination of medical practice and spa therapies. Finally, spa retreats available in hotels as part of their hotel amenities are called the Hotel Spas.

Spa and massage have been proven to be beneficial for the wellness of an individual.

They improve the blood circulation and flexibility of the body, and they help to the fast recovery of muscles and body pains.

In addition to these, massage is also believed to calm the nervous system, and reduce tension and stress.

Bangkok has an adequate spa centers to cater every person’s needs such as body scrub, full body massage, foot massage, facial massage and aromatherapy/ oil massage.

Ananda Spa

The Oriental Spa

Mandara Spa

Bangkok Dermatology Center

The Sense of Spa

Banyan Tree Spa


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