From Suvarnabhumi Airport to Bangkok City Centre & Beyond

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When the new airport at Suvarnabhumi was opened a couple of years ago there was much debate about how easy or difficult it would be to get from the airport to town, and for visitors to travel to their hotel.

The old Don Muang airport was to the north of the city and fairly close, whilst the new one is to the east and quite far away from the city centre.

The situation is much the same as it was nearly 2 years ago, with a heavy dependency on taxis:


This is the most expensive option with on line bookings available.

Accredited operators ofer meet and greet drivers who will whisk you straight from the airport to your hotel in a stylish car.

AOT (Airports Of Thailand) oversee the limo services, and insist on smartly dressed, English speaking drivers.

There are also companies who will offer these services as passengers come into the arrivals hall.

The average price of a transfer is usually between 900 and 1,200 Baht, which for many international travelers from Europe, America or Australia is an absolute bargain.

It’s not until you know the other prices, then it becomes quite expensive.

For longer distance transfers the rates from one of the companies is

Pattaya 1,600 Baht
Rayong 2,400
Hua Hin 2,600 Baht
Trat 4,400 Baht

Public Taxi

This is the option used by most local people and those who come and go from the airport on a regular basis.

The public taxi stands are outside arrivals, and there are signs for “Public Taxis” in the airport.

The taxis are lined up at the kerbside, but you have to get a taxi ticket from one of the desks positioned on the pavement area, You will be asked your destination and then shown to one of the waiting cabs.

The taxi is metered but there is a 50 Baht booking charge and if the toll roads are used (this is most likely) the driver will ask for these fees to be paid by the passenger.

Typically, a trip into the Sukhumvit Road area by public taxi will be around 160 Baht excluding tolls fees.

Taking a public taxi to Pattaya is no problem but the driver will want to negotiate a price and not use the meter.

The figure from the limo service gives a good basis for negotiation but more than 1,800 Baht would be excessive.

Airport Express Bus

The airport express bus was put in almost because they thought they should have one.

Sparingly used there are four buses A1, A2, A3 and A4 which go to Silom, Sukhumvit, Khaoshan Rd and Huang Lumphang, the terminal of the Bangkok Metro and the main railway station. 

From here there are trains to Chiang Mai in the north,, and Hat Yai in the south.

The fare of 150 Baht is high for a bus service and although there are no toll fees to pay, the cost is too close to the taxi fare to make this a sensible alternative.

The advertising claims that the bus will deliver passengers to a list of hotels, but in fact the bus stops near the hotels – it’s not a door to door service, so there may then be the problem of crossing roads with luggage.

The bus service operates from the lower level of the airport arrivals, and is clearly signposted. The service operates from 5 am to midnight.

Public Bus

This is the cheapest way into town, and used by the tens of thousands of people working at the airport. Obviously they do not use taxis – the cost would be prohibitive.

To get to the public bus station or Passenger Transfer terminal, there is a free shuttle bus operating from the level near the Family Mart convenience store ( turn left when coming out of the arrivals building).

The shuttle bus takes a while to get to the station as it picks up from all the ancillary buildings.

At the ‘ordinary’ bus station there are ranks of bus stands with clear destination signs in Thai and English, including Klong Toei, Khaoshan Rd and Victory Monument.

The fare from the airport to On Nut is 32 Baht and from there the Skytrain can take you to the centre of the city.

Bear in mind though that the buses have no places for large luggage, and neither does the Skytrain.

Making this trip with lots of luggage would be difficult for you and fellow bus passengers if the bus is crowded at peak times such as the 6 – 9pm period.


Public Bus Service to Bangkok and area.

Bus Number 549 - Suvarnabhumi Airport - Minburi
Bus No.549 connects Suvarnabhumi Airport to Minburi via Ladkrabang Road, 

Bus Number 550 - Suvarnabhumi Airport - Happy Land
Bus No.550 connects Suvarnabhumi Airport to Happy Land via Ladkrabang Road, 

Bus Number 551 - Suvarnabhumi Airport - Victory Monument (Expressway)
Bus No.551 connects Suvarnabhumi Airport to the Victory Monument via New Bangkok - Chonburi expressway to Srirat expressway for exit at Rama 9 toll gate to continue further along Asoke-Dindang Road and Rachawithi Road for the final stop at the Victory Monument.

Bus Number 552 - Suvarnabhumi Airport - On Nut BTS station
Bus No.552 connects Suvarnabhumi Airport to the On-Nut sky train station via Bangna-Bangpakong Road.

Bus Number 553 - Suvarnabhumi Airport - Samut Prakan
Bus No.553 connects Suvarnabhumi Airport to Samut Prakan province

Bus Number 554 - Suvarnabhumi Airport - Don Muang Airport (Expressway)
Bus No.554 connects Suvarnabhumi Airport to Don Muang Airport via New Bangkok-Chonburi expressway

Bus Number 555 - Suvarnabhumi - Rangsit (Expressway)
Bus No.555 connects Suvarnabhumi Airport to Rangsit via Department of Employment - PTT Don - Muang - Vibhavadi Rangsit Junction - Rangsit.

Bus Number 556 - Suvarnbhumi - Southern Bus Terminal (Expressway)
Bus No.556 connects Suvarnabhumi Airport to Southern Bus Terminal via Yommarat - Democracy Monument - Thammasat University - Pata Department Store - Southern Bus Terminal.

Bus Number 557 - Suvarnabhumi - Wongwien Yai
Bus No.557 connects Suvarnabhumi Airport to Wongwien Yai via Rom Klao Junction - Chalarat Hospital9 - Technology Business Administration School, Samut Prakan - Chalarat Hospital 4 - Rung Chareon Market - Suksawat Road - Ratburata Hospital - Wat Sawetchat - Wongwien Yai.

Bus Number 558 - Suvarnabhumi - Central Rama 2
Bus No.558 connects Suvarnabhumi Airport to Central Rama 2 via Central Park Hospital - Chalarat Hospital 1 - Ramkamhaeng 2 Junction - Srinakarin Junction - Bang Na - Soi Lasan - Rung Chareon Market - Suksawat Road - Lotus Bang Na - Bang Pakaeo - Bhuthabucha Junction - Bang Mod Hospital - Central Rama 2.

Bus Number 559 - Suvarnabhumi - Future Park Rangsit
Bus No.559 connects Suvarnabhumi Airport to Future Park Rangsit via Dream World - Ek Prathum Hospital - Future Park Rangsit.

For longer journeys and getting to some other cities the following bus services run from the Ordinary Bus Terminal.

339 – Laem Chabang – Pattaya
888 – Pattaya
825 – Nong Khai via Khon Khaen and Udon Thani
9905 – Expressway bus to Pattaya and Jomtien
9906 – Expressway bus to Rayong
9908 – Trat 

The Future

The dedicated rail link is well on the way to being completed with a 2009 date being muted as likely.

The City Rail Terminal will be in the heart of Bangkok, and there will be stops en route to the airport.

Keep an eye on this website for further details and information on the rail service

Bangkok airport limousine service to the city centre. 
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